Ideas for parents


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Ideas for parents

Are you going to be a parent soon? This page will give you some ideas for singing and reading with your bump!

..... Let’s get the bump party started!

Why songs and rhymes

Babies in the womb can hear their parents and the world around them. Parents can give their child a great start by singing and talking to their bump:

  • Talk to your bump
    • Your baby can hear you from 18 weeks
    • Talking to your bump helps your baby to get ahead with hearing and speaking
  • Read to your bump
    • Your baby remembers noises from the womb
    • Hearing your voice helps to comfort your baby after birth
  • Bond with your bump
    • Reading and singing to your unborn baby helps you to bond with your baby
    • Help your baby get to know you and to get ahead

This downloadable document will give you some ideas for starting to communicate with your bump.

Getting started with songs and rhymes with your bump

I liked talking to staff from the Children’s Centre about my baby. Before this I said Bump. Now I treat my Bump like a little person.”

First time mother at 30 weeks, age 23, Darlington


Click Me Rhymes for Parents to be


What other information and help is out there for me as a parent-to-be?

  • Best beginnings have developed practical, simple, and interactive tools for parents-to-be and new parents to support you through pregnancy and the first stages of your baby's life.

Resources for everyone

Whether you are a parent or someone who works with parents, the links contained in this downloadable document will provide ideas about activities and background information.


Click Me Bump Booster

  Click Me Working with Parents to be Click Me Ideas for Parents to be Click Me Rhymes for Parents to be


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