Keeping Children Safe Online

The online world is an exciting and entertaining place for children and the Covid 19 pandemic has shown that helping them to stay safe in that world is more important than ever.

Funded by Libraries Connected and informed by the expertise of NSPCC, the toolkit covers topics which have been highlighted by library staff as areas of concern for the families they work with.

The Keeping Children Safe Online toolkit consists of 8 information sheets* 

ASCEL are grateful to Libraries Connected for their support in funding this resource and we are confident that library staff will find the toolkit invaluable in their work. 


  1. Spotting the Signs
  2. Inappropriate Conduct
  3. Sending Sexual Images, Videos and Messages
  4. Grooming & Online Relationships
  5. Filters & Setting
  6. Supporting Parents
  7. Dealing wth Disclosures
  8. Resources list



*Some links may be to documents available only to CILIP members.